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Eucalyptus essential oil has a strong potent scent that is familiar to anyone who has ever taken a cough drop for symptoms of a cold!




Uses- Skin - Pain Relief - Cold & Flu - Insect Repellant -


Protip: Blends well with a tea tree to make an effective steam blend. 

Character: Green



Body: Eucalyptus Essential Oil is good for respiratory issues like coughs, asthma, throat infections, etc. Also good to use for muscular aches and pains, sprains and circulation issues, headaches, burns, and wounds. Helps fight lice or skin infections.
Mind: Eucalyptus Essential Oil is uplifting, clears the mind, and aids concentration. It also soothes exhaustion.


How To Use


  • Diffuser: Add 5-10 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil to a diffuser to scent the space and create the perfect ambiance.
  • Inhalation: Add 1-2 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil oil during steam inhalation.
  • In a Base: Add 15 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil in 30 ml of carrier oil, moisturizer, shampoo, or any other base before applying on skin/hair. 
  • For the Spa Experience: Add a few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil to your bathtub, or to your foot bath to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Topical application: Add 4 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil in 10 ml of carrier oil and apply on affected spots. For children and the elderly, add 2 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil in 10 ml of carrier oil.


Aroma Notes

 Fresh, Penetrating, Medicinal, with a Camphoraceous and Green note.


Caution: Please patch the test before use. If any irritation on the skin, please discontinue use immediately. Do not use it internally. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Rinse immediately. Consult physician if pregnant or nursing under a doctor’s care. Do not use it on broken skin and abrasion.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Eucalyptus globulus

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