Satianu. Our new venture. A homage to ones that matter the most...

After a good 2 year soul searching, I was back, my to-do list and list of ideas was so long. I was high on inspiration. I wanted to do so many things and all at the same time! I couldn’t wait! How am I going to do all this? Where do I start? What do I do?

See that’s the thing about life, It takes its time, but it gives us what we need.

I was looking everywhere and the answer was in my own backyard.

My father’s name is Satish Nair and my mother’s is Anuradha Nair.

32 years ago my father started an essential oils and fragrance business, by the name, Sanrad Chemicals and Essential oils. In a short span of time, it became a name that resounds in the Fragrance and essential oils industry in India till date.

17 years ago, he passed away all of a sudden. We weren’t prepared, he was so young! We were all so young... My mother had to take over the business. Overnight, from being a house wife, she turned into an entrepreneur, my grandparents moved in with us and our lives changed. She took on my dad’s role and they took on hers.

It definitely wasn’t easy.. so how did she do it? I often asked her and these were her answers on different occasions, “I had to. How can we let all his dreams go without even trying? ”. That was her driving force..

People in the industry haven’t forgotten him and they look at my mother in awe and respect. Every time they meet me, they tell me how much of a difference he made and how dynamic he was and what a strong lady my mother is.

Now, I was at this cross road in my life, where I had to decide what next? And her words came back to me. That’s when I realized, these dreams needs to be kept alive. The hard work and sacrifices must be worth it. I must make them proud.

Recently, my sister decided to join me.

Satianu. Our new venture.A homage to our parents and all that they have done for us.

Lot of people ask us what does 'SATIANU' mean?

'Sati' stands for Satish and 'Anu' stands for Anuradha. Thus, this name is a way to remind us constantly of our purpose, the effort and struggle of our parents and to derive strength in the face of challenges.

Satianu, an offshoot of the SANRAD group of companies, is an essential oils and fragrance Innovation Company aiming to make high quality essential oils and fragrances a part of as many lives by making it affordable. We want it to be it an integral part of people's everyday rituals, enhancing experiences and bringing about happiness, health and positivity.

Lot of things are new and the challenges are a plenty. Our strength comes from the love and support of our family. Many times we are lost, but help always comes from somewhere. There is Grace, There is Gratitude.

Like Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda said, “Start walking and the path gets clear!”

With the support, blessings and good wishes all of you, friends and family, I have faith we can reach the heights we aim to reach.

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