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We help you make informed decisions


Satianu is a journey of the self, for the self, to the self. It swaddles all the goodness of Mother Nature to enhance our minds, bodies and lives. At Satianu, we embrace transparency; hence we encourage you to make a well informed choice by carefully browsing through the natural quotient of each product. Satianu Naturometer is a mark carried consistently in every Satianu product, which symbolizes the exact percentage of natural ingredients in it. Unfurling the natural ingredients for our patrons is our way of strengthening our relationship with them, while making them aware of the benefits of these all-natural components.

Walking in Fields


We vow to deliver to you, all of N.A.T.U.R.E’s goodness, in a bottle. 

N - Natural 

             A- Artistically Crafted

     T - Transparent 

        U - Unadulterated

   R- Restorative 

         E- Earth Conscious

With our all Natural and Artistically Crafted aroma blends, you are certain to experience pure bliss. Transparency is one of our core values, leading us to unfold the quotient of natural ingredients, for you to make a healthy, informed choice. All our essential oils, carrier oils, and many of our aromatherapy blends are Unadulterated, ensuring a seamless, aromatic and natural experience. With Restorative powers, Satianu essential oils help with Immunity building and releasing stress. The source of our products is mother earth and we feel it our responsibility to ensure that we are mindful of our actions and are Earth conscious.

Nature promise
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