How to choose my essential oil brand?

When it comes to using essential oils, always look for the best quality oils. Better the quality, more the effectiveness of the oils.

With a number of essential oil brands in the market, here are a few things to keep in mind:

* Every oil that is expensive, need not be best quality

* Every oil that is cheap, need not be synthetic.

* Reconstituted oils are synthetically made oils that match or are similar in odor profile as that of a natural oil -

   may not be used in aroma therapy

* Check for reviews of the oils before buying

* If being used for medicinal purpose, ask for a purity certification

* Some oils may be already diluted using carrier oils 

Satianu offers quality tested, 100% pure essential oils with absolutely no adulteration. We also provide quality certification on request.

Giving the best product to our customers is always our number one priority.

Our essential oils are neat (undiluted) and we recommend diluting with any of carrier oils and patch test on arm before topical application



How do I use essential oils?

  • Topically – Essential oils can be applied directly on your skin, either neat (without diluting) or diluted in a   carrier oil. Do not use neat unless prescribed by a qualified aromatherapist/doctor. Also perform a patch test before use.

  • Internally – Certain high quality essential oils are safe for internal use. Do not take internally unless prescribed by a qualified aromatherapist/doctor.

  • Aromatically – Diffusing essential oils in the air is a great way to get the benefits of essential oils. 

Satianu is coming up with a range of blends soon! Some for your body and some for your rooms! 

What is a carrier oil?

A carrier oil is an oil that is used as a base to dilute essential oils before they are applied to the skin. These are mostly vegetable or nut oils that have great medicinal properties them selves and many of them are amazing for skin, hair etc.

Satianu has a range of carrier oils. Please go through the "Carrier oils" page in the Oils menu, to know more.

How often should I use essential oils?

This would depend on the purpose for which you are using the oils. 

What precautions should I take when using essential oils?

Though essential oils are a natural remedy, they are very potent. Use precaution:

  • Do a patch test before using essential oils topically.

  • In case of skin irritation, stop using the oil. If you’re using it neat, try diluting it before using it again.

  • Keep them away from your eyes.

  • Use only high quality oils that you know are pure.

  • If in doubt, dilute.

How much should I use?

Start from little to more, start with just one drop initially and add as per your need, unless you have a recipe or suggested protocol that recommends doing otherwise.

What do I need to use essential oils?

No special equipment is needed to use essential oils, however the following can be helpful:

  • Diffuser – This is a small pot that allows you to diffuse essential oils in the air for aromatherapy.

  • Carrier oil – A good carrier oil  for diluting your oils.

  • The right knowledge – Get a good book or follow blogs/pages by qualified aromatherapists


Do you have any other questions about using essential oils? Feel free to reach out to us! Write to us by clicking the button below.













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